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Colon cleanses and detoxes have gained popularity over the past few years due to the praises received by highly regarded medical and health experts. Studies have shown that annual or bi-annual cleanses (some doctors think more frequent cleanses, three to four times a year, increase the benefits) improve the way the digestive system functions, which allows the body to rid itself of waste while increasing its ability to better absorb the nutrients it needs. When the colon is cleansed toxins and bacteria are not given the opportunity to be released into the body through the colon walls. In fact, a clean colon only allows water and essential vitamins and nutrients to go into the bloodstream.

Colon cleanses and detoxes are highly recommended for individuals who struggle with frequent constipation. More than just frustrating, regular constipation is linked to an increased chance of developing hemorrhoids, varicose veins, and of toxins being released into the bloodstream.

Most people who regularly cleanse their colon not only see results in weight loss because of clear intestines and a revved up metabolism, but also note a great increase in energy levels. Experts attribute this boost of energy to the energy that is saved from no longer having to focus on forcing large amounts of waste through the intestines.  When this energy no longer needs to be used solely for the removal of waste it can be used by the body in other ways, often resulting in more energy.

Two other important benefits of colon cleanses are their ability to decrease the risk of colon cancer and their ability to improve fertility. Fertility experts think that cleansing the colon helps women who want to get pregnant conceive because it helps them manage their weight (fat is estrogen-based and too much present in the body makes getting pregnant difficult) and rids the body of chemicals and toxins that could potentially affect the health of a woman’s eggs.


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