Cure a hangover during festive period with natural remedies

With Christmas bearing down, there are lots of work parties, family get togethers and general revelry to look forward to. But with age, our bodies don’t always bounce back from the season’s festivities as easily as they once did.

Although we tend to focus on others during the season of goodwill, it is important not to overlook our own wellbeing. High Street health experts Holland Barrett offer a range of natural remedies to help detox, rejuvenate and soothe the overindulged body, helping you to feel great and make the most of Christmas and the New Year.

Hangover: As many of us are aware, a throbbing hangover is one of the most common side-effects of a good party. Milk thistle extract is a great way to lessen the symptoms associated with overindulgence of both food and drink. Overindulging puts a lot of pressure on the liver, so take milk thistle before you start drinking to help support this vital organ. Available in capsules and liquid extract.

Bloating: Overindulgence can lead to bloating and feelings of discomfort. Christmas sees an excess of all things rich and naughty, so supporting your digestive system is key to keeping you in tip top condition this Christmas. Holland Barrett Aloe Vera Colon Cleanse contains certified Aloe Vera concentrate and a combination of herbal extracts which may be used to support intestinal health without the use of harsh chemical stimulants.

Stress: If the stress of relentless festive socialising, entertaining and shopping becomes too overwhelming, why not take a few minutes away from the exhausting Christmas schedule and embrace the benefits of the ancient art of aromatherapy. Try Miaroma Cinnamon Leaf Pure Essential Oil, which can be used for a massage, in the bath or even just dabbed on the wrists and chest.

Digestion: And for when you’ve eaten too much? Christmas just wouldn’t be the same without a sizeable roast, all the trimmings and a few too many mince pies. And a box of chocolates. Festive overindulgence wreaks havoc on the bowels, resulting in indigestion, excess gas and an uncomfortable feeling of over-fullness. Peppermint is a tried-and-tested herbal remedy commonly used to soothe these symptoms. Peppermint is also carminative and antispasmodic, meaning that it acts locally to lessen the production of gas and the associated discomfort when ingested. Available as tea or in capsules, calm a stressed stomach with peppermint this Christmas.

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