Detox diets are harmful

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DEMOCRACY and freedom are their own nemesis in a world which has become overly materialistic as the one we live in today. Abuse of the free enterprise system brought on by greed and utter disregard for human well-being and safety is most evident even in the health sector. For the mighty dollar, some scientists, physicians, and other allied healthcare providers, included, close their eyes to scientific facts, or lack of them, and provide fraudulent testimonials to promote products or therapies that are patently without medical basis in efficacy and safety. At the end of this spectrum are the unsuspecting and ignorant consumers, spending their hard-earned money for the “promise of a cure or better health,” which would not be forthcoming. The greater tragedy falls on those who suffer from the complications and side-effects of these fraud or scam. In the end, the only ones who get healthier from all this are the bank accounts of these unconscionable entrepreneurs in this multi-billion dollar industry of food supplements and pseudo “health” therapies.

What are examples of these fraud and scams?

There are dozens of them, including, but not limited to, food supplements (pills, exotic fruit juices, etc., claimed to prevent or cure conditions from in-gown toenails, to fatigue, high blood pressure, diabetes, heart attack, to stroke, and cancer), alkaline water and water ionizers to produce it, rapid fat-burner diets, energy drinks, fast weight loss diets, colon cleansing for detoxification, detox diets, chelation treatments to dissolve plaques in blocked coronary arteries of the heart, drugs and creams to enlarge breasts and penises, herbs to cure potency and increase sex drive and performance, etc. There are many others, and all of these are invariably not approved by the US Federal and Drug Administration, although some bold firms, use wordings and semantics of deception to hint their products are.

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