Time to Cleanse Releases New Info-Graphic on the Benefits of Toxin Cleansing

San Francisco, CA — (SBWIRE) — 03/25/2013 — TimetoCleanse.com recently released a new info-graphic on toxin cleansing facts. With insightful facts and statistics, this informative piece is designed to educate readers on the benefits of detoxification. Also known as “detox”, the process helps rid the body of harmful toxins and substances. This is done via internal cleansing methods, which boosts the immune systems and improves digestion.

According to the infographic, detoxification also replenishes vital energy levels. It even prevents various health ailments, while securing good physical and mental health. During the cleansing process, harmful toxins are removed from lungs, skin, and kidney. Additional toxins are also eradicated from the liver, colon, blood, and lymphatic system. Toxin cleansing is also done via physical treatments, along with both dietary restrictions and supplements.

Toxin cleansing has its roots in ancient Egypt and Greece. While modifications have been made over the centuries, the targeted goal of the process remains the same. This is, of course, to naturally and safely remove as many toxins from the body as possible. While the process has been proven to work, human contact with toxins continues to soar at alarming rates.

According to the infographic, over 70,000 chemicals are used in the U.S.A. Out of the 70,000, the EPA states that 65,000 are potentially hazardous to humans. With 6,500 new chemicals added every week in the U.S., only 7% are subjected to internationally accepted preliminary testing. An additional 1.1 pounds of pesticides are used in the USA on a yearly basis as well.

In addition to these harmful chemicals, toxins can stem from a number of sources. This includes poor nutrition, artificial sweeteners, air pollution, and especially contaminated water. Substance abuse and high levels of stress are also known to produce toxins in the body. With detoxification, however, blood circulation is vastly improved. The body is also flooded with essential vitamins and nutrients. The process also flushes the kidneys and liver, while eliminating toxins from the intestines and epidermis as well.

The new infographic simply highlights the lasting and beneficial effects of toxin cleansing. In addition to the above mentioned benefits, toxin cleansing also purifies the blood. It even helps manage weight, while reducing congestion and preventing autoimmune disorders. This is a great way to maintain good health, while leading a healthier and productive lifestyle.

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